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Drive Savings with Rotomolded RV Components

Michiana Rotational Molding knows that no RV is road-trip ready without full tanks of gas and water and an empty holding tank. Our experienced team can create holding and water tanks for any RV manufacturer.

Benefits of rotomolding plastic parts include:

  • Flexibility with shape.
  • Corrosion resistance compared to the aluminum pieces they often replace.
  • Reduced dependence on price-sensitive aluminum.
  • Potential for weight savings.
  • Ease in adding secondary assembly parts, such as sensors.
woman moving black, rotomolded holding tanks in a warehouse


Endless Storage Possibilities Beyond Tanks

Whether your next adventure is onboard your RV, camper, or in the car, a place to store your extra gear is necessary. Through rotomolding, MRM can create storage containers, such as the Let’s Go Aero GearSpace Cargo Carrier.

Every part created is rigid in nature, uniform in shape and size, and fully customizable in color, material, and texture.

Let's Go Aero GearSpace Cargo Carrier, made via rotomolding, on the back of a camper in the woods
Black, Let's Go Aero GearSpace Cargo Carrier
Black, Let's Go Aero GearSpace Cargo Carrier that is unlocked and opened on the back of a SUV

Client Testimonials

“We have been working with MRM for many years and have appreciated their commitment to doing whatever it takes in a first class way. As far as roto suppliers or just suppliers in general – they are #1. MRM is a valuable partner for our success.”
– Purchasing Manager, RV Part & Accessory Manufacturer

“MRM has been a great partner from the beginning of our relationship. MRM has the same goal that we do on our product. Quality and customer satisfaction is the end goal. MRM engineers and sales have been on my production floor watching firsthand what we do and how their product is used on our product. MRM has always delivered the product on time and even worked with me when we entered a late order. It is a privilege to get to do business with a great company like MRM. I look forward to the future with you all!”
– Plant Manager, RV Manufacturer


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