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Harvest Agriculture Solutions with Rotomolded Plastics

Michiana Rotational Molding has the expertise to rotomold unique and durable agricultural components.

Seen and unseen parts including plastic consoles, fenders, ductwork, and more can be made to fit the exact needs of your tractor, combine, sprayer, and other agricultural vehicles.

Black, rotomolded tank molds stacked in a warehouse

black, holding tanks made through rotational molding sitting on a shelf
Rotomolding allows us to make the perfect piece to fit the specific space available with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and durability.

Benefits of rotomolding plastic parts include:

  • Flexibility with shape.
  • Corrosion resistance compared to the aluminum pieces they often replace.
  • Reduced dependence on price-sensitive aluminum.
  • Potential for weight savings.
  • Ease in adding secondary assembly parts, such as sensors.
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