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Rotomolded Marine Products Deliver Seaworthy Solutions and Savings

At Michiana Rotational Molding, we can create just about anything below your pontoon or fishing boat’s fabric surfaces from helms, captain’s chairs, lounge seating, and even live wells. Our unique rotomolding process can be utilized to make custom and structural components.

By utilizing rotational molding, each part comes out uniform in size, can be created with a variety of finishes and textures, and can be further customized with the addition of accessories and parts.

For example, the helm pictured to the right has both a smooth finish and a matte, textured finish.

rotomolded pontoon boat helm with smooth and textured finishes

robotic arm cutting hole in rotomolded pontoon boat helm
Our Rotoline machines create the part, our robotic arms trim the part and increase throughput, and our experienced team makes sure each part is ready to use once it is delivered to you.

We utilize other services to make sure your marine project is exactly how you want it. Services include:

  • Engineering.
  • Prototyping.
  • Design consultation.
  • In-house color mixing.
  • In-house mold shop.
  • Mold repair.
  • Secondary assembly.
  • Finishing.
  • Quality control.
  • Local delivery.
  • Direct shipping.


From our facility to your lake

From hollow shells to finished products, we can manufacture your boat and marine parts to help your watercraft be recreation-ready.

beige rotomolded pontoon boat helm
finished pontoon boat helm made through rotomolding
Eager to learn how rotomolding can benefit your marine business?
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